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Designers of jewelry for four generations, the Tortolani family recently decided to use the original designs and molds from their vaults for short runs on popular pieces. Since we opened our website, originally featuring only Tortolani's custom metal casting business, we have been overwhelmed by email from collectors seeking original specimens of Tortolani jewelry. Already aware of how sought after our items are by collectors, and now inspired by this direct contact, we decided to bring back some of the best pieces for more people to enjoy and collect. Each piece is manufactured in a limited quantity for a short period of time, and we will re-release other items as time goes by.

Here is a little history of Tortolani jewelry. Frank Tortolani came to America from Italy in 1923. A second-generation jeweler, he created the line that was so popular from 1950 to 1976 and won many awards for his designs. Each of his pieces is signed on the back. In the 1960's, Frank was commissioned by Max Factor to create a line of compacts and figurines, which are also now widely collected. He also did work for Avon and Vivian Woodward, and he created a line of hardware for Florenta. In addition, he was engaged to create giveaway items for such stars as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin and John Wayne. These led to the production of other promotional products -- key chains, tie tacks, money clips, lighters and so forth.

Frank's oldest son, Donald, worked with him in all aspects of production. His other children, Connie, Gilbert and Steven, all worked with him as well. When Frank closed his factory, his son Donald Tortolani continued to create promotional products. Later, after many years, Frank went back to work with Don at the age of 70 to create a new line he named Corina, which featured pins in the shape of musical instruments or crowns. Frank passed away at the age of 90 in 1997.

Frank passed his personal tools down to his grandson Don Ed, who is known in the industry as the leader in custom product replicas. Today the Tortolani family -- Don Sr., Don Jr. and granddaughter Robin -- continues together to produce only the finest products. We are very proud to bring back Frank's original jewelry designs that comprise a cherised collection.

All Tortolani jewelry is produced the way it was originally made - hand cast in pewter, hand polished, and finished with real gold or silver plate. Always look for the signature on the back to know it is authentic.

Collectors of vintage jewelry may feel safe to know we value the originals as much as you do. We have placed a mark next to the signature so you will always know the original from the reproduction.

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